Leaving Planet 5

“We invite you to a one-night adventure at KadistSF. This adventure is one in a series of investigations conducted by into role-playing games as a social form. This night’s adventure will be set in the far future, on a planet far from ours. Player-characters will be tasked with either negotiating their ambition(s) within their society, located on a planet ruled by a restrictive, but fair, anarcho-syndicalist system of governance. A spaceport exists on the planet, and other systems and planets beckon. Gameplay will be loosely borrowed from the Traveller role playing game system, published by Game Design Workshop in 1977. In this adventure, [we] will attempt to address the lack of concern with political systems in role-playing games, most of which – whether based in medieval pasts or fantastic futures – rely on feudal or imperial systems that value extreme disparities between peoples capacities and resources.

The adventure will take place between 5 and 10 pm. No previous experience with role-playing games is needed.”

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