Beyond the Shadows Reach

A Module for Two or More 01: Beyond the Shadow’s Reach

March 27th, 2012, John Hurford Center for Arts and the Humanities, Haverford, PA

Project team: Ted Purves, Zachary Walter

Participants: John Muse, James Weissinger, Alicia Harder, Melissa Lee-Litowitz, Kostyantyn Viktorov

For Beyond the Shadow’s Reach, we (the design team) took one day to create a simple Role Playing Game (RPG) system. This system was built around a set of five character classes and worked with a unique dice mechanic that relied on opposed rolling of both black and white 6-sided dice. They constructed a scenario wherein the players were all citizens of a remote village, who woke up on the morning after an eclipse to find that everyone else in their village had disappeared. Upon closer examination, they noticed that their own shadows were also missing. Throughout a series of encounters, they meet an old hermit, visit a goblin village, and fight a battle against living shadows (possibly their own).

They also learn that a child destined to be sacrificed to the eclipse had been abducted from the altar by its mother in an effort to save it from its fate. The adventure concluded at the point where the group of players needed to decide whether to pursue the fleeing mother and return the sacrifice, or to journey to the shadow mountain to confront the god who demanded the sacrifice of the child.





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