Playtime Online: Wandering Monsters: Games and Art in the Institutional Wilderness


From the Institute for Play website:

If games and art are the answer, then what’s the question? On Wednesday, June 5, connect with a group of distinguished artists and game designers as they discuss two intersecting contemporary worlds of creative production: the world of art and the world of games.

Coincident with the rise and awareness of gaming as a dominant force within the entertainment industry is the spread of socially-situated artworks often produced by institutions and museums as a method for increasing “participation” between the programming of artworks and the viewing public.

The two forms have long poly-cultural histories, and in their current formation occupy complex global cultures and economies that involve designers, creators, educators,museum programming, policymakers, and corporations.


Nancy Nowacek
Nancy is the Director for Mobile Programs at Institute of Play. She is an Adjunct Professor at Pratt’s Graduate Visual Communications program. Nancy’s work has been featured in the Cooper-Hewitt Design Triennial, AIGA and Print magazine awards and San Jose Art & Technology Biennials.

Ted Purves
Ted is a writer and artist based in Oakland. His public projects and curatorial works are centered on investigating the practice of art in the world, particularly as it addresses issues of localism, democratic participation, and innovative shifts in the position of the audience.

Shane Aslan Selzer
Shane is a Brooklyn-based artist. Her sculpture and site responsive installations have been exhibited internationally in venues such as P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, Socrates Sculpture Park and The Bag Factory in Johannesburg. Shane is currently organizing a symposium based on experiences of FAILURE.

Pedro Reyes
Pedro is a Mexico City-based artist. Using simple means and casual scenarios, he blends the realms of utopia and function, individual fantasies and collective aspirations. He explores the ways in which a space allows individual moments of liberation or activate the interaction between a group of people

Sheetal Prajapati
Sheetal is the Associate Educator of Public Programs at the Museum of Modern Art. She served as the Director of Education at the Block Museum of Art at Northwestern University. Prior to that, Sheetal held many positions in education at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

Eric Zimmerman
Eric is a game designer and academic who has been working in the game industry for nearly 20 years. He lectures and publishes extensively on games, and is the co-author with Katie Salen of Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals, the definitive textbook on game design (MIT Press, 2004).

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